Are you facing shortage of professionals to do the back office work for you during the tax season? Outsource back office work from Integrated Financial Resources to meet your hectic back office demands. Back office work is of great importance to CPAs and accounting firms if they want to meet customer demands in time without any difficulty.

Back office work is a time consuming and tiring work which no one wants to do. However someone has to do this work, so Integrated Financial Resources does back office outsourcing work for its clients. Back office outsourcing work at IFR is done at a very low cost compared to the amount needed by professionals in the US for doing the same work. IFR thus enables clients business to grow within the existing financial investments.

Neoweb Technologies takes special care to maintain secrecy about customer identity and financial details. No employee belongings are permitted inside the work premises and all work on back office outsourcing is done strictly under constant video surveillance. All employees working at Integrated Financial Resources are enlisted for work only after undergoing strict background checks. Employees work in a paperless atmosphere and have no access to any removable media devices, printers and USB ports.

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